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About Us

Anthony’s Remodeling, Painting & Decorating, Inc. has been serving the Near West Suburbs for over 25 years. Anthony’s specializes in exterior and interior painting, home carpentry, and remodeling. Anthony's experience as a real estate agent starting in 1976, as well as buying and rehabbing properties for the past 25 years has allowed him to gather an army of reliable workers. Anthony is meticulous when it comes to painting, and he stresses craftsmanship when it comes to carpentry. All crews consist of hard-working reliable men, with families to support, each having a minimum of 10 years experience.

Continuity of Workers

In the past 28 years, I have bought, improved and sold property continuously. Because of this, I have been able to keep the same people working for me—they  are constantly working through all seasons. Many painting companies only paint; therefore, during the winter season, they lose painters because they cannot keep them busy. Thus, every year in the springtime, because they are looking for new painters, they don’t know the capabilities and quality of their help until they are actually on the job working/painting.

“I don’t have this problem, through reliability, I am able to keep the painters busy during the slow season, so I can assure you that any work you need done will be done in a professional manner, to the fullest—at the most REASONABLE PRICES. I work on VOLUME at very REASONABLE PRICES!!”

Professional Work

Anthony’s uses licensed electricians, plumbers, carpenters, tile workers, etc. Anthony’s also has done numerous commercial build-outs, including several Great American Bagel restaurant franchises. The restaurant closest to the Oak Park/River Forest area would be in the 6500 block of W. Roosevelt Road in Berwyn.

References Furnished on Request