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Home restoration vs. home renovation

on Fri, 08/05/2011 - 23:42

Sometimes homeowners want to remodel all or part of their homes--modernizing a kitchen or bathroom, refinishing classic wood long covered by paint. Other times, external events make repair or replacement critical.

Many of the skills required are the same--removing existing wallboard, removing or replacing structural components like 2x4s, dealing with plumbing and electrical work, installing wallboard and preparing it for painting, dealing with flooring, trim board, hardware, and so on, as well as helping the homeowner get the most value for the available repair dollars. Anthony's Remodeling can help you with these projects from start to finish.

Home restoration carries a couple of additional burdens: While remodeling is something homeowners can initiate on their own schedule, most home restoration projects need to start within days of flood, weather or other damage. Homeowners must determine quickly if the damage is extensive enough to exceed their home insurance deductible, necessitating a call to their insurance company.

If homeowners insurance is to be used, most homeowners do not have experience communicating with their insurance company. We know what and how to document the damage to help you get the full compensation you need to repair your property to its previous condition.

Whether you want to renovate all or part of your home, or need to restore your home to its former condition after flood, weather or other damage, our crews have the knowledge and experience to get the job done.