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Renovating a house exposed to the elements

Anthony’s Remodeling, Painting & Decorating, Inc. has recently completed our home project for replacing our front porch and painting the house & garage. My husband had requested multiple quotes from siding companies as well as painters. We wanted the best deal with the best work and more importantly guarantees. Anthony’s Remodeling, Painting & Decorating, Inc. not only had the best quote, but they were very professional and easy to work with. Our home had been exposed to the elements for 3 years after removing our asphalt siding. The original paint that must have been under the siding for 30+ years had begun to severely chip. Anthony's company managed to scrape all the paint, remove & replace rotted wood and did a fantastic job caulking each of the seams around the entire house! Once the paint job was completed our home appeared that it was sided and our neighbors & friends continue to compliment the work done on our home. Anthony and his team are very knowledgeable when explaining the paint selection and offered a very reputable brand with a 7-year guarantee.

Anthony’s Remodeling, Painting & Decorating, Inc. managed to price our entire job very competitively and my husband and I know we received a great deal overall.

Without Anthony's expertise and work, we would have only been able to have just the house painted with any other company. We managed to successfully have the whole job completed on time (weather permitting) and we look forward to working with Anthony's company for all of our remaining interior work. I would have to say, when requesting pricing quotes for any of your jobs--call Anthony's and simply compare. He has competitive pricing and a great team to work with. Call Anthony's for your next quote and sit back and relax. His team manages to make our job as seamless and painless as possible. It was a very enjoyable experience working with them.

Bill & Veronica Gerst, Forest Park IL