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Interior Painting Services

Interior painting requires attention to detail and a special level of care, especially in the preparation of surfaces. With Anthony's continuity of skilled professionals, experience dictates the most efficient and effective methods for preparing surfaces and applying paint to give the desired effect.

  • Interior Painting with high quality paints (Ralph Lauren, Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore)
  • Faux and Special Textured Finishes
  • Decorative Painting / color washing, combing, dragging, sponging on & off, ragging
  • Custom Trim Painting and Staining
  • Carpentry, Crownmolding, Chair Rail, Baseboard, etc.

Pre- and Post-Painting Services:

  • Wallpaper Removal
  • Wall Washing
  • Drywall Repair—Plaster and Skimcoat
  • Caulking & Sealing of Windows, Doors and Baseboards
  • Thorough Cleanup of the Jobsite

Contact us for a free estimate—online or by phone: (708) 383-3535